meleaves.jpgAn educational author by trade, I specialize in the production of student-and teacher-facing materials in K-12 social studies. In lay speak, this means I write textbooks, online curricula, lesson plans, assessment materials, and more, mostly in history, civics, geography, and related subjects. However, I have covered the gambit of subjects from the sciences to language arts. I have authored three historical graphic novels, published by Weigl Educational Publishers in Canada, and numerous articles for EBSCO’s online encyclopedia and document resources.

In between these projects, I write poetry, children’s literature, young adult fiction, and general musings and rantings, usually of a socio-economic and political nature. My work has appeared in Natural Parenting, Flights, Down in the Dirt, Literary Orphans, Virginia Writing, and Mock Turtle. (Admittedly, I started the last publication in that list.) A few years ago, I won a grant to finish a middle grade crossover fantasy novel, and am diligently (but slowly) revising the first book. I am also looking for a home-away-from-home for several children’s picture book manuscripts.

In my real life, I am mother to three precocious rabbit-hole jumpers; wife to one book-reviewing, software-engineering super-yogi; friend and sister and other relation to many fantabulous and extra-unordinary people; and all-around busy body.

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