A Few Thoughts for the Day

Keep in mind that this period is overwhelming, frustrating, stressful, anxiety-inducing, depression-deepening, isolating, and just downright hard for most of us in many different ways. IT IS THAT MUCH HARDER AND TRAGIC for those who are dying and losing their loved ones and those who are working to care for them and everyone else and their families.

Some of us can find silver linings. Others struggle just to get through the day.

Be patient with yourself and those around you. Try to forgive or at least not linger on missteps, even the truly hurtful ones.

And please, ask the federal government why they can give billions to corporations and NOT make sure libraries and other organizations and businesses don’t have to keep furloughing people? And NOT make sure every hospital in every state has the PPE it needs? And NOT make sure every citizen has healthcare coverage? Demand better. Our neighbors and families and teachers and librarians and workers of all stripes, from all places, of all faiths and backgrounds, deserve better.

Okay, so I’m not so patient and forgiving on those points.

Also, just a shout-out to thank everyone still working for everybody else, delivering mail and goods, stocking shelves, punching the cash register, bagging, cleaning up and collecting trash and recycling, trying to devise remedies and solutions, teaching, informing, and of course, caring for others.

Closing with this awesome video made from a Ohio animator Dave Stofka. Thank you to him, to all the other artists and musicians and writers and performers trying to share their talents under difficult conditions, and to Governor DeWine and Dr. Acton, too.


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